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As well as traditional talking therapies like CBT,

RekindlingNeurotherapies offers a range of 'leading-edge' therapies that are often more effective e.g. Sensorimotor psychotherapy, EMDR, Clinical neurofeedback.


Our therapies work to change and improve an individual's functioning in order to make sure that the change is permanent. There is ample research to show that when emotions become regulated through therapy, changes also occur in the brain thus regulating the individual.


Traditional talking therapies have their place amongst treatments and are offered, however, symptoms of emotional dysregulation are often felt in the body that in turn influences perception and brain function.


Often talking therapies are limited in their effectiveness particularly when treating issues associated with psychological issues.

The initial session is an assessment session to determine what therapy or combination of therapies would be most suited to you.






It is often the case that more than one type of treatment is needed for an issue and the assessment is a way of finding out through taking a detailed history, the type of therapy that would be most effective for you. It is important to note that our therapies are not medical treatments. 

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