Margaret Jordan MSc, CQSW, CPsychol is founder of RekindlingNeurotherapies.
She has specialised in the treatment of psychological trauma for the past thirty years. Specialising in psychological trauma, she has an interest in medically unexplained symptoms, rare disorders and fabricated/induced illness.
She is a qualified psychotherapist in a number of therapy approaches as well as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Social Worker. She continues to work in an NHS child & adolescent mental health service as well as running her own private practice where she treats adults, children & adolescents for a range of issues. She founded and ran a trauma centre for people addicted to drug and alcohol and has extensive experience in treating adults, couples and children for a range of issues.

NHS, Private Statutory & Voluntary Sector (30 Years)
Clinical Director
Chartered Psychologist (Adults, Couples, Children & Adolescents)
Psychotherapist & Counsellor (Adults, Couples, Children & Adolescents)
Clinical Social Worker

Professional Doctorate (Current enrolment Glasgow Caledonian University)

Diploma Counselling Psychology (British Psychological Society)

Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Trauma (University of Chester)

MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development (Jungian Analytic; BAP/University of London)

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (London College of Clinical Hypnosis London)

Postgraduate Diploma Staff Development & Education (University of Sheffield)

Postgraduate Certificate & CQSW in Social Work (University of Stirling)

BSc Psychology (London Guildhall University)

Therapy Trainings

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Advanced Diploma Systemic Integrative Psychotherapy

(Adults, Couples, Children & Adolescents,  Physis, London)

Couples Counselling (London)

EMDR (New York - Francis Shapiro)

Neurofeedback (Sweden, London)

Clinical Hypnosis

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