Child & Adolescent Psychology Service(CAPS)

CAPS is a service for Children & Adolescents for

a range of common mental health symptoms

Therapy for emotional aspects of:

  • Abuse 

  • ADHD  

  • Anger 

  • Attachment 

  • Anxiety                     

  • Concentration & Attention 

  • Death & Loss    

  • Depression            

  • Emerging Personality         

  • adjustment to Chronic Conditions

  • Pain

  • Psychological Trauma

  • Self Harm

  • Sleep Problems 

  • Suicidal thoughts & Feelings





Child psychology can be offered to resolve a range of issues that affect children and young people at school

and at home.


Adolescents will require a different individualised approach depending on their particular presentation and issue.

Often for younger children this will involve working through art and play. 



Please phone to discuss your needs 

Based in London & Luton


CAPs can be commissioned by schools, Children's services and other services for children as well as parents